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Intro to Backpacking - Part 4

While hiking and backpacking can be a fashion show filled with garments like $100 pants and $400 rain shells, it's likely you already have the outfit you need for your first backpacking trip.


Intro to Backpacking - Part 3

High protein and high calorie snacks like Cliff Bars, Stinger Waffles, and even basic granola nut bars provide sufficient energy to keep you moving on your way to and from camp but don’t forget to bring some morale boosting treats like a Snickers, Skittles, or my favorite, Jelly Bellys.


Intro to Backpacking - Part 2

The gear you will use is obviously important but you shouldn’t let your fears get the best of you as you pack your bag to hit the trail.


Intro to Backpacking - Part 1

There might be a voice in your head that is telling you that even if everything at home and in your world is perfectly fine, that your life would be so much better lived surrounded by nothing but nature.

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